A collaborative mapping tool

Project description

ratMap is a Ruby on Rails 4 based FOSS application for collaboratively mapping and sharing points of interest (POI) on a website based on OpenStreetMap. Users with or without accounts can create maps with an entirely custom contextual scope by configuring a set of categories attachable to every POI you insert. So for instance you and a peer group of yours can realise mapping the most favorite restaurants, recommendable doctors or where to find the nearest public place to play soccer. Simply think of a self-hosted, privacy aware, extra-light version of Foursquare or Google Maps!

Basic Features

  • Individual maps: Create public, semi-public or private maps as a registered user or guest. Define categories as well as custom POI symbols, colors and shapes and hence define the entire contextual scope of your map all by yourself
  • Share maps: Invite others to see what you’ve contributed or embed a map on your website
  • Reviewing contributions: Let guests contribute POIs on public maps of yours and either accept or revert guest entries on your map
  • Twitter support: Post a short twitter notification if a new POI has been inserted on your map (experimental!)


Check out our running instance under https://maps.coderat.cc or host one yourself.

Find the code on gitlab here: https://gitlab.com/coderatCollectiveCoding/ratMap

Please note that this software is the outcome of a Ruby on Rails / JS learning project. Hence you’re might gonna find lots of smelly code and bad programming patterns all over the places. Regard this piece of software as a feasability study / public beta of a good idea that we might come back to one day. Hence ratMap is sparsely maintained right now.

Nevertheless, if you have a feature request please do not hesitate to open up an issue here or contribute a feature via a merge request.


Screenshot of the website Screenshot of the website Screenshot of the website Screenshot of the website Screenshot of the website